Compliance & Personal Data – GDPR

„We take care of your compliance matters.“

We have wide experience in the detail mapping and assessment of current compliance status across the entire organization, including personal data processing. We are not afraid of introducing novelties to ensure compliance with rules. To deliver a comprehensive solution, we often cooperate with other IT or business professionals.

Significant clients and successful projects in this area:

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  • GDPR audit: assessment of the compliance of legal documentation, internal processes and systems with the new European legislation on personal data protection in a Czech leading company focused on delivering Business Intelligence and IT solutions.
  • Participation in the introduction and implementation of a comprehensive compliance programme in a significant construction company.
  • Adaption of compliance-related training material pursuant to Czech laws for a significant international software company’s branch.
  • Setting of a compliance programme for a service supplier in the building and repairs of energy equipment.
  • Preparation of comprehensive compliance rules for a significant traffic construction and technology supplier.
  • Participation in the development of comprehensive compliance rules for a leading energy system elements supplier.

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