Disputes & Insolvency

„No useless litigations.“

We have successfully represented Czech and foreign clients in big and smaller disputes, including arbitrations, and in numerous administrative procedures. We have represented both debtors and creditors in all phases and forms of insolvency proceedings, including the reorganization.

Significant clients and successful projects in this area:

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  • Representation of a seller regarding the settlement of a dispute for EUR 11.5 million and the buyer’s rights to shares ensuing from the purchase contract.
  • Representation of a top management member in a procedure for invalid termination of employment with a subsequent reimbursement of the right to compensation for lost wage exceeding EUR 400.000.
  • Representation of a gas and electricity supplier in a litigation relating to alleged harm to the client’s goodwill.
  • Representation of a significant brewery group in a procedure relating to rights and claims pursuant to a licence and distribution agreement exceeding EUR 400.000 against a Lithuanian company.
  • Legal support of creditors within the reorganization of a manufacturer in the automobile sphere, including the analysis of a reorganization plan.
  • Reorganization of a supranational printing machine manufacturer facing insolvency, including the preparation of a reorganization plan.
  • Representation of a majority creditor and investor in the acquisition of control over a Czech leading metallurgical company within reorganization under the Insolvency Act.
  • Representation of a local self-administration unit in a procedure for invalidity of contracts concluded by a previous management.
  • Group action against a city quarter regarding the privatization of flats.
  • Representation of a person accused in the criminal case called ROP Northwest.
  • Comprehensive recovery of claims for a significant company providing vehicle lease services.

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