Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

„Keep your investments under control.“

We have extensive experience in major as well as smaller transactions at both national and cross-border levels.

Significant clients and successful projects in this area:

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  • Sale of an enterprise producing vaccines to an Indian buyer with a purchase price of approx. EUR 76 million.
  • Cross-border merger of a Czech petrochemical company with a successor company in the Czech Republic.
  • Acquisition of building material shops in the Czech Republic and Hungary for approx. EUR 40 million.
  • Gaining control over a water and sewerage system operator.
  • Cross-border acquisition of a securities broker with a successor company abroad.
  • Sale of shares in a Czech American company producing cabins for forklift trucks and utility off-road vehicles.
  • Managerial purchase of a company producing foundry tools and moulds for injecting plastic material, in particular, for the automobile industry.
  • Acquisition of a company producing shipboard cranes from a Norwegian owner.
  • Restructuring the ownership structure of a leading pet food producer.
  • Split of an electro division from an independent company and its sale to a German owner.
  • Cross-border merger of several companies in the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Holland belonging to a Czech leading energy concern.
  • Sale of a company supplying development services to the automobile industry.
  • Sale of a majority share to a company operating an infertility treatment centre with an option for the current management.
  • Acquisition of a Czech branch from a Spanish owner for a German owner active in the automobile industry.
  • Legal consultancy for a leading Czech investment group in relation to the due diligence and acquisition of a group of companies in the advertising industry.

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