IT / IP & Start-ups

„We support and protect innovations.”

We like modern technologies, online world and innovations. We were given the opportunity to participate on start-ups of numerous interesting projects.

Significant clients and successful projects in this area:

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  • Sale of a Czech leading e-commerce business to an American investor.
  • Acquisition of a minority share in the company operating the real estate portal and setting of relationships among partners.
  • Entry of new investors to an e-commerce project, including the preparation and negotiation of a shareholders’ agreement and the implementation of related corporate changes.
  • Managerial purchase of a minority share in the company operating the portal, focused on the mediation of operational lease, including the setting of follow-up relationships among partners.
  • Acquisition of a software company specialized in dealing with the issue of electronic exchange of information.
  • Legal support relating to the assertion of rights by virtue of unfair competition and violation of a copyright.
  • Legal consultancy in an angel investment in a Czech e-business incorporated in the U.S. through a convertible note.
  • Preparation of contractual documentation for the development of software for selling travel agency trips.
  • Legal consultancy relating to the unauthorized handling of a client’s trademark.
  • Incorporation of and investment in an e-commerce project, including the preparation of general business conditions for more than 5 jurisdictions.
  • Acquisition of a significant share in a foreign e-business in the tourism sphere.
  • Preparation of a legal framework in relation to the investment in an American e-business through the SAFE instrument.

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